Max on Apple Vision Pro

Max is supported on the Apple Vision Pro. You can download the Max app, sign in, and start streaming Max.

Install and update

Install: On your Apple Vision Pro, open the App Store and search for Max. Choose Max and then the download option.

Update: On you Apple Vision Pro, open the App store and search for Max. If an app update is available, choose Update.

App navigation and playback

You can navigate the Max app using Apple Vision Pro gesture controls.

  • Use your fingers to interact with the Max interface.
  • Pinch your index finger and thumb then pull up or down to scroll.

Search: Open Max, choose the Search icon magnifying glass, and then use the virtual keyboard or Siri.

Playback: You can use gestures, choose the player controls in the Max app, or use Siri (e.g. “Hey Siri, fast-forward 5 minutes”).

Volume: Look at the volume indicator in the app and then use the crown to adjust the volume up or down. You can also ask Siri to change the volume (e.g. “Hey Siri, turn the volume down 10%”).

Subtitles, captions, and audio

To change subtitles, closed captions, or audio:

  1. Start watching something and then choose the Audio and Subtitles icon speech bubble.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Subtitles: Under Subtitles, choose a language or Off.
    • Closed captions: Under Subtitles, choose a caption language (e.g., English - CC) or Off.
    • Audio: Under Audio, choose a language (to turn off narration, choose a language instead of English - Audio Description).
  3. Choose X to save your changes.

Note You can ask Siri to turn subtitles on or off. Say “Hey Siri, turn subtitles on,” or “Hey Siri, turn subtitles off.”