What's playing on Max

Max combines the worlds of HBO, the DC Universe, hit movies, original series together with fan-favorite genres like true crime, reality, food, and comedy.

Max includes:

  • HBO series and movies, Max Originals, and select series and movies from Warner Bros., DC, Cartoon Network, Wizarding World, Adult Swim, HGTV, the Food Network, TLC, ID, Magnolia Network, Discovery, TCM, and more.

To find series available on Max, choose Series or Movies at the top of the Home screen. You can also go to max.com/shows and for movies go to max.com/movies.

Find what's new

Here are some ways to find new titles in Max:

  • Popular new releases: In Max, find the Top 10 Series and Top 10 Movies rows.
  • New and coming soon: In Max, find the Just Added and Coming Soon rows.
  • Check out what's new and coming soon at max.com/collections/whats-new.
  • Choose the Bell icon bell in Max to get personalized recommendations (phones and tablets only).

Browse by brand

In Max, find the Brand Spotlight row and then choose a brand icon such as DC, HGTV, Magnolia, or Discovery.

You can also search for titles from a brand (e.g., search for 'Magnolia').


To find HBO titles:

  • Choose HBO (top of screen).
  • Find the Brand Spotlight row and choose HBO.
  • Search for 'HBO.'
Max Originals

Max Originals are original series and movies produced for Max. To find Max Originals:

  • Find the Brand Spotlight row on the Home screen and choose Max Originals.
  • Search for 'Max Originals.'

To find Discovery favorites:

  • Find the Brand Spotlight row and choose Discovery.
  • Search for 'Discovery.'
Warner Bros. (e.g., DC, Wizarding World)

To find Warner Bros. shows and movies:

  • Find the Brand Spotlight row and choose DC or Wizarding World.
  • Search for 'DC' or a show or movie title.

Browse by genre

On the Home screen, find the Browse by Genre row and choose the genre you'd like (e.g., Action, Comedy, Reality).

Kids & Family

To browse Kids & Family titles:

  • Find the Browse by Genre or Brand Spotlight row and then choose Kids & Family.

You can create a Kids profile that limits what content ratings your child can watch. When a Kids profile is selected, your child can browse by Movies, Series, Characters and brands like Cartoon Network and Sesame Workshop.

Shows & movies Q&A

When are HBO shows added to Max?

Most new HBO shows and movies are available on Max when they air on HBO. To find out when new HBO episodes will be available, go to HBO.com and search for a series by name.

The following HBO shows are not available when they air on TV. Instead, they're added to Max as quickly as possible, typically within 24 hours. Below are estimated times when new episodes will be available on Max. Actual times may vary.

  • Hard Knocks: In Season with the Miami Dolphins: Tuesdays, 9pm ET
  • Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Mondays, 2am ET
  • Real Time with Bill Maher: Saturdays, 7am ET
Why isn't a show or movie available anymore?

Some movies and shows are available for a limited time only.

We aim to provide the most robust offerings and will continue to bring high-quality programs to our streaming platform.

If an episode isn't available, go to Missing episode on Max.

How are shows and movies rated?

Shows and movies on Max are rated according to the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) or the TV Parental Guidelines. For more info about movie ratings, go to motionpictures.org/film-ratings, and for TV ratings go to TV Parental Guidelines.

You can select an episode or movie on Max to find its rating. The rating also appears when you start playing an episode or movie. To limit what your kids can watch, go to All about Kids profiles.

How can I find titles that are leaving soon?

To find out which titles are leaving Max, find the Last Chance row.

How do I find international content?

Here’s how to find shows and movies from other countries:

  • Scroll down to the Browse by Genre row and choose International.

The International genre includes titles from other countries, including original series from HBO Europe, HBO Asia, and HBO North America.

Can I share what I’m watching with friends?

You can share what you’re watching using the Max mobile app:

  1. On your phone or tablet, select the movie or series you want to share (you can share a series, but not individual episodes).
  2. Choose the Share icon and then the app you want to share to (e.g., Messages, Instagram, Facebook, or X).

Note The Share feature is only available with Adult profiles.

Can I buy shows or movies on a pay-per-view basis?

No. Max doesn't currently offer pay-per-view shows or events.