My provider isn't listed

If you signed up for Max (or HBO) through an internet, mobile, or TV provider, you need activate your Max subscription before you can start streaming Max.

There are two ways to activate your Max subscription:

  • Activation link
  • Connect your provider

If the company you get Max through is not listed on the Connect Your Provider screen, you should have received activation instructions from the company you signed up for Max through. Follow these instructions to activate your Max subscription.

Choose your country to find a list of Max providers that provide an activation link.

Bosnia and Herzogovina

Provider Q&A

What is a provider?

Your provider is who you're subscribed through and who bills you for Max (or HBO). For a list of providers, go to Max providers.

Do I need to activate my Max subscription?

It depends on how you get Max (or HBO):

  • No: If you subscribed at or through the Max app, go back and choose Sign In instead.
  • Yes: If this is your first time signing in and you get Max with your internet, mobile, or TV package, you need to activate your Max subscription before signing in to Max the first time.

You only need to activate Max once. If you already activated your Max subscription, you can sign in with your Max email and password.