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Starting on July 26, 2024, you can watch the Olympic Games Paris 2024 on Max with any base subscription plan. Learn more. Read less

Getting around the Max app

Want to watch something on Max but aren't sure how to find it? The Max app includes easy ways to find what you're looking for, plus personalized recommendations and a place to save what you want to watch.


You can navigate the Max app with screen readers, keyboard shortcuts, and Alexa voice commands (in select countries). For more info, go to Accessibility on Max.

Home screen

When you first open Max, you're on the Home screen. This is where you'll find popular movies and TV series, along with your Continue Watching list, My List, featured collections, and recommendations (Recommended For You).

At the top of the Home screen, you'll find options to browse by Series, Movies, HBO, and more.

To get to the Home screen:

  • TV device: Choose the Home icon house.
  • Computer: At the top of the screen, choose Home.
  • Phone or tablet: Choose the Home icon house.

Browse by brand: Find the Brand Spotlight row, then choose a brand you'd like (e.g., HBO, DC, ID).

Browse by genre: Find the Browse by Genre row, then choose the genre you'd like (e.g., Action, Comedy, Reality).

Browse the Top 10: To browse the most popular new releases, find the Top 10 Series and Top 10 Movies rows.

On the Home screen, you'll find show and movie recommendations based on what you've watched in the past. You can start watching something from the Home screen or you can add a show or movie to My List to watch later.

In-app notifications

To help you find programming you might like, choose the Bell icon bell in the upper-right corner (phones and tablets only).

Here you'll find personalized suggestions just for you. If you find something interesting, choose the Menu icon three vertical dots and then Add to My List or More Info (or you can also choose Remove).

Note In-app notifications are only available with Adult profiles.

My Stuff

In My Stuff, you can find My List and Continue Watching. Choose the My Stuff icon badge to find what you've added to My List and what you can continue watching.


Choose your profile icon to manage or switch profiles.

On your phone, tablet, or computer, choose your profile to find Settings, Account, and Subscription (billing). On TV devices, you'll find Subscription (billing) and Account in Settings.

Kids profiles

To learn about parental controls and the Kids experience, go to All about Kids profiles.


Looking for a particular show or movie? If you know what you want to watch, you can use Search. Choose the Search icon magnifying glass and then type one of the following in any supported European language:

  • a series name
  • a movie title
  • a brand (e.g., "HBO")
  • a genre (e.g., "comedy", "European")
  • a keyword (e.g., "renovation")
  • an actor or actress
  • a creator, director, or writer
  • an episode title

As you type, you'll find the most relevant or popular results.

Search results only include series and movies that can be watched by the active profile.


Here you can manage your settings, such as playback preferences and autoplay. For more info, go to Max Settings.