Streaming on too many devices

You can sign in to Max on different devices and stream on multiple screens at the same time (the number of screens depends on your subscription plan).

Plan Number of screens
With Ads 2
Ad-Free 2
Ultimate Ad-Free 4
What plan do I have?

Here's how to find your subscription plan:

  1. In Max, do one of the following:
    • Phone, tablet, or computer: Choose your profile and then Subscription.
    • TV device: Choose the Settings icon cog (lower left) and then Subscription.
      (Only Adult profiles can manage devices.)
  2. Here you'll find your current plan. Explore Max plans.

'Streaming on too many devices' message

If you're getting this message, find out how many devices are using your account:

  1. Sign in to Max on your phone, tablet, or computer at Can't sign in?
  2. Choose your profile, then Account and Devices.
    (Only Adult profiles can manage devices.)
  3. Take note of devices with today's date.
  4. To start streaming on another device, stop streaming on a device that's currently streaming. Here's how:
    • Ask someone in your household to stop streaming Max. (After you stop streaming, you may need to wait a few minutes before you can start streaming on another device.)
    • Sign your account out of a device (choose the X beside a device).
Unfamiliar device?
If you don't recognize a device, go to Stop unwanted use of your account.

For more info about managing devices using your account, go to Manage your devices.