Can I get a refund?

Refund policies vary by billing provider. Your billing provider is who you pay for your Max subscription.

First, find out who your Max subscription is billed through:

  1. In Max, do one of the following:
    • Phone, tablet, or computer: Choose your profile and then Subscription.
    • TV device: Choose the Settings icon settings and then Subscription.
      (Only Adult profiles can manage subscriptions.)
  2. Here you'll find who your subscription is billed through (top of screen):

To find your billing provider, you can also review your bank statements or ask your internet, mobile, or TV provider if they bill you for Max.

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What if the charge isn't what I expected?

If your charge looks different than you expected, here are a few possible reasons:

  • Applicable taxes are added to your subscription charge and they're based on your billing address ZIP code.
  • You may have a different plan or billing period than you thought. Which plan do I have?
  • Your promotional or discounted period may have ended and you were charged the standard subscription rate.

If none of these reasons apply and your subscription is billed through WarnerMedia Direct, please contact us for help (instead of your payment service). If you're billed through another company, go to Unexpected subscription charge or contact them for help.